Friday, December 7, 2012

♫ Voices Are Both Inside, and Outside. A meditation poem, an opera scene ♫

♫ Voices Are Both Inside, and Outside ♫
A meditation poem, an opera scene.
©2012 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.

Voices are both inside, and outside.
That is one of many countless things,
that makes them so miraculous.
They are their own entities,
yet also our own.
Being both inside, and outside, is a lovely feeling.

The mountain cavern shields us from frosty winds,
while the opening at its peak draws in warm, and luxurious light.
  • A new arrival amongst us appearsa small gilded bird.
It is speaking in its own vernacular.
However, we understand its libretto, quite clearly.
Is this an opera scene?
It certainly has the looks and sounds of such.
Prolific is the polyphony of this premises, with its:
chattering rhythms of caribou crowds,
glorious gesamtkunstwerk from the gilded finch,
and certainly the symphonic aspects of our own supposedly silent thoughts,
and dreams.

Shh! Hush them all!
From the gilded one a request is deciphered.
It is a call for a going away,
a desired voyage,
an awe inspiring adventure,
awaiting the adventurous,
which I believe we are.


  1. I'm glad I held on to the end. The poem rising in power even though I was a little lost at the beginning. It gently pulls the reader along until the end. Very nicely done.