Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Choir of Christmas Eternal Sings

The Choir of Christmas Eternal Sings
©2012 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.

The choir of Christmas Eternal sings.
Their voices are like a soft cloud leading into a garden,
the Garden of Christmas Eternal:
many parts of this place were designed by Claus.

Many of the lights are not - plugged in.
Yet, they are as bright as they can be.
Shining red spheres wrap the outside world in the season.
The gift of the Magi is received, by all.

That spirit of sharing and celebration emanate outward,
and feeling good is contagious.
The idea that enough to give is in question, melts away,
like cinnamon scented candles on so many mantles.

Holly and ivy are wrapped around the garden's gates.
here, in the Garden of Christmas Eternal.

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