Sunday, December 2, 2012

Singing From the Down Center of a Frosted Ravine, an Opera Meditation, a Poem

Singing from the Down Center of a Frosted Ravine
an Opera Meditation, a Poem.
©2012 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited

Singing from the down center of a frosted ravine,
the call of a fatherly caribou howls. ) ))

^ Up it rises until its immense sound shakes snow from small bent branches.
 Birds spin out in a flight of response.
Clouds glide over the stage consistently,
moving Northeast against the progression of the caribou.
You are an audience to this from a castle balcony.

Its warm interiors are just a few safe footsteps away.
You, ________, have accumulated great wealth,
the kind which affords you this and many other luxuries,
such as magical sleighs which get you here,
and anywhere you wish to go.

Your cupboards bear the weight of the finest, slaughter-free-foods.
as the caribou pass joyously through the grand gardens of one of your great castles.

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