Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Fair Horned Caribou March in Allegiance. Lyrics, libretto, a poem.

The Fair Horned Caribou March in Allegiance
©2012 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.

The fair horned caribou march in allegiance.
With a direction of purpose they ascend towards the Northeast.
They send friendly nods our way.

Somehow, from their herbivorian chatter,
we ascertain an invitation:
 "To the caverns, to the caves!" 
say the caribou.

Are there caves and caverns on this, our recently acquired estate?
Its grounds are grand, for certain, yet ... caves, caverns?

Overlooking the caribou - from a raised set of small hills, we tag along.
The caribou have made us adopted members of their exodus,
to the caves, to the caverns.

From several angles the entrances cannot be seen.
Yet,  the caribou know - and with them, we go:

Into a chamber within the great stone,
its innards shine of sparkling blue light.
For it is rich with gems and cataracts of pure, fresh, water.

{pura aqua dulci}

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