Monday, December 24, 2012

♫20/320 - ♫21/320: The estate was expanding right before our eyes.


    The estate was expanding right before our eyes. We could sense the confusion which befell our new friend, the American Goldfinch. Thus, we jointly reassured our new associate: “Yes, you are seeing what you believe you are seeing. While we would not wish for you to worry too much over this phenomena, we must react to the rapidly changing reality of the estate’s expansion. It is our desire to arrive safely upon the pillared patio of this estate’s mansion, there, in the progressively looming distance.”


    “I shall fly as fast as I can.” said the astonished, bright yellow bird.
    The American Goldfinch then quickly ascended into a vertical loop which brought him down quickly into a direction pursuant of the estate mansion’s patio.
    “What in the world?” exclaimed the bird. Who, regardless of his spectacular speed, found himself little closer to the mansion which floated further away as the estate grew.
    “A nice effort Mr. Goldfinch, however, on an Unlimited Society estate, all forms of miracles are in a constant state of realization, both above and below the surface of common experience and understanding. Thus, you will need an uncommon advantage to thrive in such an unlimited environment.

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