Friday, December 14, 2012

♫ 9/320: "Yeula, how do you know this?" we asked.

♫ 9/320—

"Yeula, how do you know this?" we asked.

"I can see the feelings in their thoughts. Then those thoughts get pushed around by those grunts and groans and bleats they make and then the words of their wills finds me. It is like this with some animals, not all, but some. I can really hear them well. It is very clear with them, the caribou. I do not know why, but with them, it is stronger, the other voice."

We resumed our pace again, allowing Yeula to lead. I felt it best for us to wait before telling Yeula that many of us had learned to "listen," to the type of voice she was referring to. However, we had not yet heard the caribou say anything about this, "Shiny Shiny Place." Only Yeula had heard this and we felt led to believe in her potential, and follow for a bit.

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