Saturday, December 15, 2012

♫ 12/230 — 13/320: "How did we get here?" asked Yeula.

♫ 12/230 — 13/320

"How did we get here?" asked Yeula.

I responded, "We used many vehicles to arrive here within the mountain, this, very enchanted, mountain."

A naturally trampled path was wound into the mountain cavern's interior, glowing in glistening transparent blue. The cavern was dressed in crystals which by the recognizable blue hue emanating from all directions, could only have been the result of a rare combination of sapphire and diamonds.

The caribou, plural, had moved to a clearing in the center of the enchanted mountain, where light from a small opening in the high top of the mountain came down in sterling, translucent shafts until cascading in all directions by way of one of the largest diamonds one could imagine.

Gentle formations of condensation, which had formed around the open top of the mountain, were coming down in gentle drops onto a good many unusually large neighboring diamonds which surrounded the immense, priceless, central crown-stone. Twinkling musical sounds emanated forth from each drop of the pure, sunlight melted snow, as they found small pools of water held within the cup shaped diamonds which surrounded the central gemstone. These surrounding diamonds had been gently carved into shapes much like those of Tibetan singing bowls over what could have only been countless, enchanted eons. The sounds they produced reflected their resemblance to the ancient singing dishes. Tones expansively reminiscent of vibraphones, harpsichords, pianos and gentle baroque organs—as if played by earth visiting angels—filled the luxurious cavern.

It was a time to listen, to be an observer, slowing to stillness, to receive so that one could better give when such times to do so presented themselves clearly.

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