Tuesday, December 11, 2012

♫ 6/320: "Yeula. Welcome!" we said, in that odd way we often do.

♫ 6/320

"Yeula. Welcome!" we said, in that odd way we often do. Yeula and her protector thought it odd that one of us spoke one side of our introduction and another the other—as if a large group capable of twin speech. In time she would become quite accustomed to Unlimited Society synchronicity—Voxian in nature. However, to her then, such ways were new.

While we wondered how difficult it would be for her protector to let go of  his attendance to Yeula's immediate care, his years of service and matured, intuitive abilities were apparent within his smile, as he glanced at the letter of acceptance our society had sent to Yeula's family—a year prior—then turned the carriage about face. He looked upon Yeula one last time and gave a confident nod, and tip of his derby hat, just before disappearing over the gentle hill that led away from our monumental estate.

There were a great many things to teach Yeula looming on the horizon of destiny, however, she was immediately distracted by an unexpected visitor whom caught her attentions before ours, which was odd. On a far, Northeastern edge of our expansive property, one could see, if one looked quite closely with intent, a singular caribou. I twas grazing and through Voxian heightened capabilities of sight, those of us upon a certain level skill wise were struck by its direct eye contact with Yeula. Yeula looked up at me, then to all of us, and then back towards the caribou on the distant hill. We knew without having to access our augmented powers, exactly what she wished to do.

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