Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your First Voxian Changing of the Guard. {An exploratory draft in first and second person.}

the Voxians.
{Your first changing of the guard}
First and Second Person Edition Exploratory Draft.
©2011 Marcus James Christian

Memory Reconstruction Module...

You and I began walking towards the Voxian castle. I had been there many times in the past however this was your first visit there. The other Voxians were unaware of your presence. It was certainly not my desire to keep anything from them, however I felt led somehow not to bring up your presence. I had decided ahead of time to be open and honest about your presence, if you were noticed. However, if you went unoticed, or noticed yet ignored, I would simply place such a state into the same pretext as perhaps a spectacular cloudscape, unmentioned by my friends and team members, my fellow Voxians.

A new shift was assembling. My voice type was generally considered an expanded Baritone. This meant, as it does now, that I was capable of tones in both the bass and tenor range, however my true place suggested by nature was a balanced center with the displacement capabilities found in lower bass-baritone and bass voices as well as the many energy powers found commonly in tenor voices.

As the previous team was exiting the castle to return to their places of origin through the pools within the caverns of the near mountains, I observed who they were and explained to you some of what I knew of them.

Brythmenor was a large, tall and powerful bass-baritone who was able to create land mass displacement as well as terrain reconstruction due to his high quality powerful Voxian voice. Soprenthia was a gifted soprano who had a breadth and richness in her tones that not only gave her the common Voxian soprano capability of flight, but also the ability to carry physical objects in flight that she was not capable of when not in a vocal induced vibrational state.

The other two I did not recognize by name but was sure to extend to them warm greeting and best wishes on their return to their home worlds.

We were the first ones there and it was clear that you found the surroundings as spectacular as I always did. There is just an energy that emanates from a Voxian castle that one can't help but fall in love with. It is hard to describe though as I recollect these memories. A Voxian Castle can make a Voxian feel like both they love to be there, yet are also slightly burdened by the looming responsibility of the current watch.

The rest of the team due in for our shift began arriving. I knew two of them, the mezzo-soprano, and the young tenor - whom was still a boy. The younger pre-motherhood female who came stumbling from the forest was new. Not only to us, she was new to the Voxian discipline as well. This is ok, for when we are in the winners circle, we must remember there was a time when we were shaking nervously at the starting line.

I wondered how you fit into all of this. I still did not know your voice type or even understood how exactly the vocal knowledge I was aware of would work for you as ...

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