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NEVER Break Out of a "Comfort Zone!" The exact opposite of what they tell you to do!

NEVER Break Out of  a "Comfort Zone!"
(The exact opposite of what they tell you to do!)
©2011 Marcus James Christian

There is a theme I have seen discussed over and over again amongst quote / un-quote "successful" people, or those who are recognized as "success-guru's." The idea that you " ... must break out of your comfort zones!"

However here is the most ironic truth about this concept. If you actually research the biographies of the famously successful people who suggest that you "jump out of your comfort zones" you will find that if there is one thing they did not do to become famously successful, it is - guess what - leave their comfort zones.

Yes that is right, remember the truth can be very different than what people (especially those with potentially massive inflated ego's filled by fame) "say" is the truth.

Recently I read an article in Success magazine wherein Donald Trump, yes the same Donald Trump you are thinking of stated that you must get out of your comfort zones. I thought, "hmm, well this must be a truth of epic success after all Donald Trump is ... wait a second ...

Let us analyze the successful life of Donald Trump.

1. Born into a wealthy, New York real estate family, Donald enters into the (ahem) family business at an early age.

NOTE: Family business = Comfort Zone of all Comfort Zones, if you are keeping score.

2. Donald Trump enters the New York Military Academy.

NOTE: Not an African tribal school, nor a one man expedition to the south pole, instead - the New York born DJT, enters into the New York Military Academy, guess where this academy is ... forgive me, New York. The same place Eva Gabor sang she'd "rather be" residing because she claimed to have hay based allergies in the "Green Acres" theme song.

3. Then, the New York born and raised DJT, graduates the New York Military Academy, and goes to work in - guess where (the theme song to Jeapordy ♫ is now playing) New York!

4. However, I am sure at this point you are saying to yourself, " ... yeah but, that's the end of it right, that was when he broke out of his comfort zone and ... " BEEP! Wrong, next, he begins business in New York in guess which industry! 3 ... 2 .. 1, New York Real Estate. Wow, what a great distance from where he started.

5. Then after many years in, New York Real Estate, he then enters entertainment with a show centered around, you guessed it, New York Real Estate!

Lewis and Clark, eat your heart out fellas, and you thought you went on an expedition, you comfort zone lovers and your hand made maps of uncharted territories, ha, Hippocrates!

In fact in my own life, one of the worst "game of life butt kicking's" I ever received was at the age of 17 when I picked up and moved to Los Angeles to further my music career. I left every form of a comfort zone behind and ventured like the bravest man alive, alone into the wilderness of the concrete jungle, with a mighty, Trump like $1,100 dollars in pocket which I had saved up by busing and absurd amount of tables at Marie Calendars. Ah, the power of pie!

If I am being honest, most of what I learned in LA in those years was not pretty, fun or enjoyable and frankly only the experiences within my comfort zone, "being creative - being a musician" were the experiences that eventually built into some pretty positive stuff. The matters removed from my comfort zone (i.e. comfort zone is natures way of saying - you may belong here) being uninvited in some bizarre, sprawling, money is everything city of doom, probably amounted to a two steps forward, three steps back achievement.

I challenge you to analyze your own successes and in fact the most truly successful people in history and ask yourself, do you see anyone jumping out of their comfort zones?

Oh wait, there was that time that Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player ever, left the pinnacle of the NBA to play part-time right field on a minor, not major, but minor league baseball team!

Find me one truly successful person that ever made a jump, not a segue mind you (those are actually good) but an actually "jump" out of their comfort zone and did well. Can I save you some time ...

©2011 Marcus James Christian

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