Friday, June 24, 2011

Voxian Information Module: VIM 6242011, Regarding Voxian Voice Types, Baritones.

Regarding Voxian Voice Types, Baritones.

The Voxian Baritone has an interesting voice type. In common, non-Voxian voice classifications, the baritone voice type is balanced between the bass voice and the tenor voice. Regarding pitch matters relative to the Voxian and non-Voxian voice types, placement is the same.

There are however count less differences when we begin discussions regarding what can be done with the Voxian Baritone Voice and the non-Voxian Baritone Voice.

Let us just say this, a great non-Voxian baritone voice may be certainly able to move the soul and the spirit on occasion, however, a great Voxian Baritone should be able to literally move mountains, and perhaps more.

©2011 Marcus James Christian
m a r c u s u n l i m i t e d

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