Friday, June 24, 2011

VOXIAN INFORMATION MODULE (*VIM) : A Typical Voxian Shift Change, Chapter One

VOXIAN INFORMATION MODULE (*VIM) : A Typical Voxian Shift Change, Chapter One

As I begin to respond to the absurd quantity and quality of inquiries involving the Voxians I find myself challenged by where to begin communicating to you that which I know of them at this time.

I would love to start at what I believe to be the true beginning of the Voxians, however, the time to tell things from that point feels as if it may be too much to deal with at this moment. Even the beginning, the arrival of the First Father Voxian, is still technically not the entire beginning, yet it could be considered the beginning of the Voxians - as a plural - entity.

Therefore, after some consideration, I have decided to describe what seems to be a typical Voxian shift change, if anything relative to the Voxians could ever truly be considered typical.

It is my desire to exceed a common past tense third person perspective therefore I wish to place your consciousness - temporarily - into the physical form of an Auricusian Bird. This will give our “camera obscura” of thought the greatest potential for comprehensive understanding.

Imagine yourself walking along a rather inviting, green grass hill flanked pathway. You are near an immense lagoon of the bluest water that beyond your physical vision goes out into the great seas of Auricus; another world which shares some similarities with earth. There is a hand made fence post constructed of largely unmodified limbs of some spectacular, ancient tree form.

Upon the vertical post rising up to hoist the natural, gnarly, horizontal fence beams, descends a spectacular bird which would take two of your hands and all of your strength to hold. It is hard to describe the birds coloring as blues, silvers and swift lines of red stretch from its beak to its tail feathers. As you walk towards the bird it sees you and takes a short flight to a nearby, rather monumental looking bird bath.

As you walk slowly towards the bird bath, the sleek, aerodynamic creature within it begins splashing about. The bird then turns to you and makes intense immediate eye-contact. It is as if the environment around you falls into a blur and a rack focus upon the mirror like eyes of the air creature becomes all that is seen. You are then compelled to touch the waters of the bird bath, and, as you do … you become the bird.

You are now capable of immersion into this Voxian realm and a particular set of events that I believe occurred about the time your great grandparents were small children themselves. Even more amazing is the possibility that one of your grandparents could have very well been a Voxian themselves.

The waters of the bath are of a purity so intense you can actually feel it permeating your new physical existence. Within these waters you can see a bit of your reflection in your new form. There is a stone monument that looks as if nothing could ever cause it to fail in the near distance and within that monument there is a human being sitting upon a perfectly flat, chair shaped gem stone, looking out upon the shore seeking waters of the lagoon. There is a gentle feeling of safety and joy that washes over you as you realize the human sitting there is you. Rest assured you will be able to return to your well protected form after you experience this Voxian realm as the flight capable creature you have become.

©2011 Marcus James Christian

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