Friday, July 1, 2011

The Voxians, "We used to love coming down over that hill on the edge of the forest ..."

Voxian750, 701.2011.Exploratory Draft Segment
Marcus James Christian

We used to love coming down over that hill on the edge of the forest that overlooked the bay and its handmade docks. There was always something going on there with some days and nights having more activity than others.

On this particular day I am recalling, we arrived just above the bay at Sunrise and there were a few boat owners and sail masters here and there. I was getting continually better at reading your flashes of light as communication. I believe that the safe enclosure of the gemstone you were encased within must have made those subtle flashes of light seem like little more than glimmering reflections of ambient light. They were not this way to me. In fact, I believe this day of which I speak was when I was beginning to hear you as well. Perhaps the promises your ambassadors had made to me about you had aspects of the truth to them after all, well, only time would tell.

As we arrived closer to the docks our old friend Jeb Hatharus met us gleefully extending his hand to say hello. As this will reach you during your time on earth, in a certain millennium, I may remind you of Jeb's appearance by mentioning what you know now as "River Otters." Within this statement place upon the imagery formulating within your mind now a closer to human height and you have the general idea - which will soon lead to a full rememberance of Jeb Hatharus and his appearance.

I remember Jeb's greeting, "Clearly a day to be at sea good ones!"

Jeb liked us Voxians because of our "initiate peace ..." philosophy and the fact that we always had plenty of what you know now as money. Our generosity was also known throughout the galaxies and our thoughtfulness relative to our recipients. To encourage your memories allow me to elaborate.

It was not the Voxian way to just hand out money to any beggar. In fact it had been demonstrated to us that we needed to expand the things we wished to see more of in the world. We had been taught that tipping a young student working at a cafe was a better investment than donating to something we could not see the outcome of. However, humane kindness was always to be our initial and I reiterate, initial, response.

We were taught never to ever even consider using our full scope of powers unless it was absolutely necessary and if we were making the right choices ahead of time. It really was amazing how truthful it proved to be that by expanding the good, and being in the places one wanted to be, the opposite was dealt with less and less and formed an impressive exponential arc over time. Remember, much of these philosophies are still accurate for successful usage from where and when you are now. Your powers and capabilities may have transformed into something else by now, and you may be on earth, however, there is always a reason for such. Just know that the miraculous functionality of Voxian ways is still available to you, now and always.

Jeb told us about the new ship he had constructed and that he had yet to speed test it. I am sure that Tenoren was glad to hear about that. As a young Voxian tenor he was impressed easily by fast moving objects. He had classic youth Voxian capabilities that were aligned with high pitched, young male voices. Energy movement was the specialty of his voice type and I am sure that he was looking forward to impressing the new Voxian amongst us, Mezzosonia - with a demonstration of his abilities.

Mezzosonia was a few years older than Tenoren, and I Baritentheus, was nearly double twice their age. The other Mezzosembia was a few years beyond me. Of our quartet my experience and training had the seniority and thus I was somewhat like the team captain. We intentionally avoid rank, however having one as opposed to four is not the worst idea.

We gave Jeb more than he asked and I remember explaining to him that this was another one of those journeys where the exacting details of the final destination were not yet entirely known.

I believe Jeb smiled in response and said, "Ahl keep the hourglass turning! Take all the time ye' wants good ones, all the time ye' wants."

There was a mutual pleasant acceptance of this as our wealth, as it is now, was nearly inexhaustible.


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