Saturday, July 23, 2011

Werewolves ... a Voxian Adventure

Werewolves, a Voxian Adventure
©2011 Marcus James Christian

Williams. I am surprised the other two have not arrived. It is an ancient rule that the first Voxian called awaits the arrival of the other two and the mission's triad takes form. Tonight my concern is of an additional weight, for as when the moon rises, it shall be full and the time to deal with my condition shall be upon me.

* Enter Arlendale.

Arlendale. Pardon me, might I ask if you are aware of any places to stay other than the main hotel?

Wil. Oh you certainly wouldn't want any other accommodations other than the main hotel, right there in the center of town. It is spectacular, reasonably priced, and the help is quite easy on the eyes.

Arl. It sounds splendid, however if you do know of other accommodations, a bit removed from the center of things perhaps, I would be much obliged it you would speak of them. It is imperative I find such … before nightfall.

Wil. Oh really. Hmm ... traveler, I notice that you carry a journal of some sort?

Arl. Oh this, no this is not a journal, rather it is a sketchbook I keep with me. Some have said I am a bit of an artist. Say, are you also an artist for I see you carry a sketchbook as well?

Wil. Oh this, no this is not a sketchbook, this is journal.

Arl. A journal, as in a writers journal?

Wil. Yes … artist, that, is, correct, a writer's journal.

Arl. Why if there was even one more amongst us …

*Enter Muesser.

Mue. Pardon, (looking at pocket watch) excuse me, I am in urgent need of temporary accommodations, preferably other than the Village's main hotel and …

Wil. & Arl. … and you must have such before nightfall?

Mue. Why … why yes. How did the two of you … by chance is there one present here who is a writer?

Wil. Perhaps.

Mue. And are I and a writer joined by perhaps, an artist? ( turning to Arlendale. )

Arl. Only if what others have said about my ink and paint scratchings upon various papers are found to be true.

Wil. ( Smiling and taking center stage between Muesser and Arlendale )
And by any other chances are the both of you also singers as well.

Mue. As a matter of fact I have been called not only a musician, but a singing one at that.

Arl. Singing, why yes I believe I do some of such as well, however, I sing in a very specific manner, a particular style that few are aware even exists.

Wil. ( gesturing to Arlendale ) That is because you are a Voxian, ( gesturing to Muesser ) as are you.

Mue. ( both gesturing to Williams ) As are you.

Arl. Voxians, we are.

Wil. Of course. And, considering the triad has now formed itself, I suggest we make haste to an old barn I am aware of, which resides upon the outskirts of this village. For who knows what reasons we all happen to be both Voxians – and if my instincts serve me correctly – also some form of Wolfsbane.

Arl. & Mue. Indeed?

Wil. Oh, am I incorrect in my assumption?

Arl. ( Sighing. ) 'Tis true.

Mue. ( Sighing. ) And as well, I reluctantly concur.

Wil. Fellow Voxians, fret not. If by a higher power we were placed into such a state, then such is certain to have occurred for a reason. I have prepared the text of a meditation that I believe with our combined efforts will place us into a state of peace and self-control when the … ( looking towards the sky ) moon presents itself as full.

♫ Soft violet moonlight,
Mue. ♫ soothing to every creature ( notating music miraculously quick and skillfully. )
Arl. ♫ whether great or small … ( sketching a scene miraculously quick and skillfully. )

Wil. Now, after me run, and if en-route to the barn thine feet become great paws of some ancient beasts, steady your mind within the provided meditation. I can sense the importance of the Wolfsbane state placed upon us.

* exit Williams.

Arl. Yes, I sense such as well. As an artist I admit to a desire to see myself in a mirror – as a quadruped.
* exit Arlendale.

Mue. The rhythm of twelve paws will, I am certain, find its way into forthcoming compositions.

* exit Muesser. After a brief pause, comes the sound of thunder and or lightning, and three howling werewolfs.

©2011 Marcus James Christian
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  1. A howling three Musketeers salute to you and this superb piece of writing!!! Totally entertaining!!

  2. I am truly entertained. thank you