Saturday, January 5, 2013

JUKEBOXES: At Home Amongst the Banana Trees and Rooibos.

JUKEBOXES: At Home Amongst the Banana Trees and Rooibos.
©2013 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.
I have always loved adventures, however, I have always loved coming back home just as much. I chose this planet after asking you, and everything else, from where could I do the most good. This planet, which as of this data box recording, lacks a formal name, has proven to continually be a place of inspiration and positive development for our beloved collaboration, our opera of good deeds throughout the universe.
When I emerge from the clouds, within the wingspan of my aircraft—the Branta—I am commonly met by a wash over of very good feelings. There is a contiguous line of banana trees which almost seem as if they are walking forth from the thick line of light which adheres the horizon of the forward, distant sky to the terrain of our new “second home” planet.
    The banana trees, and their glorious fruit, are not the only delicacies which I was fortunate enough to have planted here by friendly, acquainted master farmers who promised to keep this location out of common discussion.
    As of this writing I recognize that am continually improving in regards to my ability to see what I am sensing in terms of your feelings. The smiles of you and yours have become energy sources, much like the superior nourishment of the fruit provided to me by the banana trees. My affections and thankfulness for the banana fruit requested the accompaniment of a beautiful collaborator to its tastes and elevated nutritional values. Thus, after wishing with loud thoughts one evening, which you and yours heard well apparently, I woke to find a sizable field on my new home planet filled with African Rooibos. You even taught me how to make the finest tea from the red bush and the combination of it and the banana fruit is as divine as Italian baroque arias as escorted into audibility by the highly qualitative voice of the mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli—of Earth. The inspiring accomplishments of men and women of Earth have not paled in comparison to these miraculous experiences and locales out here beyond the stars visible from the mountains of Earth, in fact the earthen masters of Gesamtkunstwerk, either in part or in whole are constant references and inspirational sources to me when I am out here. Reflection upon the lovely achievements of living creatures of anywhere, when joined by the powers of you and yours, have allowed me to be a powerful component for the expansion of the greater good here.
    I am now entering one of the many stone abodes in my possession here on this new planet. I can hear the ever subtle etchings of this data box which is recording my thoughts as I desire it to do such, yet, I doubt it can fully capture my enjoyment of the aroma rising forth from the lovely stone cup filled with Rooibos Tea, and the woodsy, clean, sugary effervescent perfection of the banana I am peeling within the steam of the Rooibos rising up from the stone mug on the table beneath it. I know you and yours have a way of experiencing these pleasures as well, and I recommend that you do so.

~Jean Juke.

PS: I have included a compositional excerpt inspired by this data box entry as well as an illustration.