Sunday, January 13, 2013

♫ 1-118: The American Goldfinch Collection: “The Rooftop Tea Garden”

♫ 1-118: The American Goldfinch Collection: “The Rooftop Tea Garden”
©2013 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.

Upon an enchanted estate — somewhere in the midst of America,
there is a billowing, lace-like mist, which waltzes about in ever evolving circles.
Forth, from its ever curling, and ever embracing cotton facade,
various wonders emerge.

Many pass by the estate,
yet never become an audience,
to the full complement of its wonders.

I am so thankful that we have been allowed to explore its splendor,
in a way that others have chosen to make impossible for themselves.

Through its unadvertised labyrinth of enchanted ivy, and London-like fog,
we walk, move, float and sometimes fly,
enjoying the ever unfolding enchantments,
which our new estate provides to us continually.

Upon the estate—there are:
many houses,
and castles.

One of its grand, high climbing gray castles, possesses an unparalleled rooftop tea garden:
just beneath the clouds.
There, carpets of four-leafed clovers adorn the sky high garden,
from which black gates and see-through fences arise.

Often I can be found there,
in the presence of beautiful forms of life,
who graciously receive my inspired compliments.
Never do I take the company of such lightly.
I am ever thankful for such.

Sometimes, there within the gardens dimensions,
We are visited by royalty,

King Carduelis Tristis, visits us there,
and imparts great wisdom upon us.

He answers questions,
while also creating beautiful curiosities within our minds.
He and his royal court have said they enjoy Gesamtkunstwerk,
especially the kind which the way of things, frequently and generously,
commissions me to create.

A hand hewn, perfectly contained, fountain motivated stream spins long “S” shapes around perfectly spaced statues of people and animals pulled forth from perfectly formed selections of carrara, marble and other fine carvable stones ideal for ideal results brought forth by those highly skilled in the art of sculpture creation.
. . . and there they stand.

Amidst the shale stones,
which help to form the basin bed of the stream coursing above them,
diamonds and spherical sapphires shine:
in record numbers and record breaking sizes.

Permeating all of such a miraculous environment are the silvery tones,
sung flawlessly by the American Goldfinch:
the Carduelis Tristis,
Which sings: “La,” and then “La, la, la …” again and again.

In endless varieties of reason wrought, compositional and performance realizations.

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