Thursday, August 25, 2011

HAIKU - Thursday August 25, 2011

Ten Haiku for Thursday August 25, 2011
©2011 Marcus James Christian.

1. ♫ Flying dragonfly,
is fast - fast enough for you?
where are you going?

2. ♫ Waterfall - falling,
in curved arcs forming a pool,
a rippling mirror.

3. ♫ Waterfall - falling,
dancing droplets making mists,
soft veils surround us.

4. ♫ An immense diamond,
slumbers beside a great tree,
wealth and wisdom dream.

5. ♫ Hummingbirds - authors.
Hemmingways of shallow skies,
writing with wings.

6. ♫ Complex simple shapes,
an illustrators secret,
revealed through frescoes.

7. ♫ Peregrine Falcon
do you see us - seeing you,
there upon your branch?

8. ♫ Reindeer at the beach?
is Santa on vacation?
I must be dreaming.

9. ♫ A string of round shapes,
hunched up, bunched up, kitty cats,
staring at the stars.

10. ♫ Young man on a farm,

wishing for great adventures,
be careful wishing!

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