Thursday, November 22, 2012

SONNET: Shall We Speak of Finding An Audience?

Shall we speak of finding an audience,
high in the hills just beneath the mountains?
Even in the misty air it was clear,
the Auriculas wished to hear us sing.
The sun was hidden behind the high haze.
Though the back lit mist lit its green gardens,
the flora sought uplifting melodies.
We sought to fulfill the flora's request.

The lawn of the high land's played percussion,
softly shaking in the shared hill gardens:
"Shadows are part of the songs of the sun,
Hill Flowers, listen to light's complete work."
These were the lyrics of our healing tune,
we sang as hollow clouds flashed future hopes.

©2012 Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.
"Geologicus," Geographic music composed by Marcus James Christian, marcusunlimited.

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